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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hanna-Barbera Saturday Morning Grows Up

As an epilogue to my two-part post, I just wanted to share some of the stunning artwork fans and pros have done with the classic Hanna-Barbera Saturday Morning hero lineup as subjects.  In finding some graphics to go with 'Justice league of Animation Parts 1 & 2', I discovered a trove of beautiful renderings online and I've posted some of the more serious samples here.  Take a moment to pause and enjoy the gallery.

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

Space Ghost (Not Coast to Coast)

Birdman (Don't Call Me Harvey)

Birdgirl (Don't Call Her Harvey, Either)

Blue Falcon & D.Y.N.O. (Birds & Cyber-Dogs of a Feather Fight Crime Together)

SHAZZAN! (The Original Captain Mar----whoops, wrong character...)

Young Samson & Delilah....erm, Goliath

Whosoever Holds This Club If He Be Worthy Shall Possess the Might of Mytor!

The Power of Three: Galaxy Trio

It's Alive...Alive! Uh...and it has company..... Frankenstein Jr & The Impossibles

Teen Force (No Relation to Aqua Team Hunger)

Justice Is On The Way!

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